Our Speakers

Usec. Tonisito M.C. Umali, Esq.

Undersecretary for Legislative Affairs

Tonisito started his career in the Department of Education (DepED) in 2010 as the Assistant Secretary for Legal and Legislative Affairs. Some of his significant contributions are the following: Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013, Kindergarten Education Act, Anti-bullying Act of 2013, Fast-tracked Science and Technology Scholarship Act of 2013, Rural Farm Schools Act, Iskolar ng Bayan Act of 2014 and Palarong Pambansa Act of 2013.

Jenifer Viloria

Founder – CEO, IISLA Ventures

Jennifer is a social impact advisory firm with a vision of sustainable prosperity for people in rural communities for a more equitable society. She has a wealth of global experiences in investment banking, management consultancy, angel investing and entrepreneurship, and passion for good food and immersive travel in remote destinations. Prior to setting up Inclusive Investments in Sustainable Livelihood & Aspirations (IISLA), she held investment advisory roles in companies and NGOs and had valued many IPOs, private placements across Europe and Asia.

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