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 2022 Canadian Spud Congress, March 22 – 23, 2022


The 2021 Canadian Spud Congress was a huge success thanks to our exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees. For our second annual congress, we plan to bring you the same great content, with some small improvements to the experience! Once again, Spud Smart has partnered with provincial and national potato associations to bring you the most exciting Canadian potato industry trade and educational event of the year.

What can you expect at the 2022 Canadian Spud Congress?

Join us for high-level discussions and unscripted panels, where the audience, takes control of the conversation with industry innovators, producers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. Engage in interactive roundtable discussions on critical business challenges hosted by industry leaders; plus, an opportunity to create connections, continue conversations and build new partnerships through our networking lounge.

At the 2022 Canadian Spud Congress you can:

  • Connect with exhibitors offering business solutions and innovations for the potato industry
  • Participate in diverse sessions available live for those who can attend
  • Socialize in our Lounge and renew old connections while building new friends and partnerships
  • Join in on conversations about potato markets, unique challenges, and innovative solutions industry leaders
  • Engage with our interactive platform and earn points towards prizes

By sharing best practice from around the country and facilitating new connections and collaborations, the congress offers an invaluable platform to develop new business partnerships and accelerate the pace of innovation as we build a more secure, sustainable, and resilient potato industry.

The 2022 Canadian Spud Congress is what you make of it, be sure to utilize the platform to its full potential, reach out to existing connections and create new ones. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to catapult your network in the potato industry.

Who will you meet
at the congress?

  • Research and consulting experts
  • Robotics and equipment experts
  • Agribusiness experts
  • Finance experts
  • Software and data management experts
  • Food brands and producers
  • Bitotech experts
  • Government and Associations

The Virtual Experience

Attending virtual trade shows is no longer “new” to most of us. In fact, it’s fair to say a good portion of us have our virtual event routine pretty set by now. The same can be said for the team here at Spud Smart. We’ve helped manage dozens of virtual trade shows and have also had our own sales and marketing teams exhibit at many of them.


So, what does it take to be successful at the virtual trade shows you’re attending?  Three things: plan, engage, and network. A virtual trade show requires the same prep that an in person event does in order to get the same results.


But don’t worry,  we’re here to help! Whether you’re a sponsor, exhibitor, or attending the event, our team is standing by to help you make the most of your event. 


If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ page, or get in touch with us directly here.



Sessions at the Canadian Spud Congress will cover a wide range of topics which are important to Canadian potato growers. Speakers will dive deep into marketing, agronomic and farm life issues which affect you every day on your farm. We will welcome a wide range of speakers from across Canada and the world to deliver the best and most timely information to you. There will be a mix of traditional presentations and panels. Content will run live each day between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CDT.



Tuesday, March 22, 2022

09:00 AM Welcome
09:10 AM

Potato Markets Overview

As you head into the upcoming growing season, you may be questioning what the market situation will look like. Following a year of record national production, drought on the Prairies and export issues for Prince Edward Island, processors and packers are working to adapt. This session will provide an overview of the supply and demand situation for fresh and processing markets in North American, Europe and around the globe.

Moderator: Ashley Robinson, editor of Spud Smart
Presenters: Cedric Porter, Dale Lathim, Kevin MacIsaac

10:30 AM Showcase Session
10:45 AM

Be Weather Ready in 2022

Without a doubt, weather is one of the most important factors to success each season and it’s entirely out of grower control. Mother Nature is relentless. From drought to floods to more-frequent Derecho events, she’s known for throwing a wrench into production plans. Taming Mother Nature might be an impossible task but predicting her moves might not be. Join Scott Kehler to get an update on planting season conditions and longer-term forecasts for summer and harvest.

Moderator: Sonja Begemann, Spud Smart U.S. correspondent
Presenter: Scott Kehler

11:15 AM Showcase Session
11:30 AM Spud Shed / Exhibition Hall
12:30 PM

Working Together on Potato Early Dying Management — CanPEDNet

The Canadian Potato Early Dying Network, aka the CanPEDNet, is a national research project that’s working to understand and manage Potato Early Dying (PED) in Canada. In this joint presentation from Mario Tenuta and Dahu Chen, they’ll give an overview of the causes and impact of PED in Canada. Research from CanPEDNet will be used to discuss causal pathogens and pests, diagnostic testing, and control measures. 

Brought to you by the Canadian Potato Council

Moderator: Ashley Robinson, editor of Spud Smart
Presenters: Dahu Chen, Mario Tenuta

01:30 PM Showcase Session:  Using dogs to detect PVY and BRR in tubers and plants – Nose Knows Scouting
01:45 PM

What to do with Ugly Spuds?

Not every potato you grow is going to be perfectly round and the required sale size. So what do we do with these edible “ugly” or misshapen spuds? In this panel discussion we’ll look at opportunities for the potato industry to sell these not so perfects spuds to consumers.

Moderator: Ashley Robinson, editor of Spud Smart
Panelists: Brian Roe

02:15 PM Showcase Session
02:30 PM

A Sustainable Future for Potato Production

At last year’s Canadian Spud Congress, we spoke with potato growers from across Canada who have been experimenting with tillage equipment and minimal tillage. This year we have invited back some of those growers, along with a new face to update on what’s happening on their farms. In the last year we’ve saw a push for regenerative agriculture in potato production, we will discuss how this is impacting the way these growers farm.

Moderator: Marcel Bruins, Spud Smart European correspondent
Panelists: Chad Berry, Harold Perry, Homer Vander Zaag

03:30 PM

Brewing and Distilling with Spuds — How Potatoes Make Great Beer and Vodka

In this session, we’ll have some fun talking about beer and vodka made from potatoes! Find out how potatoes are made into adult beverages and how particular varieties make a better drink. We’ll visit Sookram’s Brewing Co. in Winnipeg, Man. and talk with Rig Hand Craft Distillery in Edmonton, Alta.

Moderator: Marc Zienkiewicz, Spud Smart Canadian correspondent
Presenters: Andrew Sookram, Geoff Stewart

04:00 PM Spud Shed / Exhibition Hall
05:00 PM Close of Day

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

09:00 AM Day Two Welcome
09:10 AM

Crop Talk — Canadian Growers Discuss Nematode and Disease Management

Nematodes and disease can reduce yield potential and marketability of potato crops. Experts from Prince Edward Island, Ontario and Manitoba will share their experiences on how they protect their crops and the importance of an integrated approach to nematode and disease management.

Sponsored by Bayer CropScience Canada

Moderator: Alex Martin, Spud Smart U.S. correspondent
Panelists: Charles Emre, Darren White, Steve Watts

10:10 AM Showcase Session
10:20 AM

Future Proof Your Operation for the Next Generation

Succession planning is one of the most challenging discussions on any operation. When you bring together multiple generations with varying ideas and dreams for the farm, it’s a recipe for disaster — if appropriate preparations aren’t made. In this session we’ll talk with experts and growers who’ve been through transitions. Learn tips and tricks for success as well as what kind of questions you need to ask before you get started.

Moderator: Sonja Begemann, Spud Smart U.S. correspondent
Panelists: Brent VanParys, John C. Stewart

11:20 AM Showcase Session
11:35 AM – 12:45 PM Spud Shed / Exhibition Hall
12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

Seed Speaks — Will True Potato Seeds Affect Potato Growers?

In this special episode of Seed Speaks, we’re diving into the world of true potato seed. While true potato seed isn’t a new product, there’s still hesitation around the idea, especially when it comes to growing them! Although we can’t predict the future, panelists are going to discuss the differences in growing true potato seeds compared to potato tubers and how true potato seed might change the future of potato farming.

Moderator: Alex Martin, Spud Smart U.S. correspondent
Panelists: Charles Miller, Helen Tai

12:45 PM Showcase Session
01:00 PM

Managing Verticillium Wilt in Potatoes with Mustard Biofumigation

Verticillium wilt of potato is caused by a fungus that can reduce tuber sizes and quality through premature host death, resulting in yield and financial losses. The disease also can cause stem-end discolouration in tubers. Mustard biofumigation has been used to control Verticillium wilt in the United States and Europe but success hinges on a specific method. In this presentation, Haider Abbas and Zack Frederick from Manitoba will take you through their trials over the past few years to see if this is a viable option in Canada.

Sponsored by McCain

Moderator: Ashley Robinson, editor of Spud Smart
Presenters: Haider Abbas, Zack Frederick

02:00 PM Showcase Session: AgExpert: Fields to finance to life on the farm – FCC
02:15 PM

What’s Happening in the Canadian Potato Industry?

Coast-to-coast, Canadian potato growers are facing a variety of issues from disease management, export issues to weather, there’s a lot happening in the industry. In this panel we’ll talk with three growers from across the country about how they’re managing on their own farms and what they’re paying attention to heading into the 2022 growing season.

Moderator: Marc Zienkiewicz, Spud Smart Canadian correspondent
Panelists: Chad Robertson, Shawn Paget, Sheldon Wiebe

03:15 PM Congress Closing Remarks
03:30 PM Spud Shed / Exhibition Hall
05:00 PM Close of Day Two

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